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Eat & Travel Magazin ePaper

From 24.04.2024
Eat & Travel is the magazine for luxury lovers, gourmets and jetsetters. Our experts visit the best luxury hotels, starred restaurants and the latest hotspots on location. In addition, Eat & Travel aims to recommend the hottest luxury openings to its readers and present unique luxury products from all segments.

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Eat & Travel Magazin ePaper

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Eat & Travel Magazin ePaper

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Information about this publication

Feel good with the best recommendation

With Eat & Travel magazine, you will get to know very special places of well-being with the highest standards of style and design. Whether it’s fabulous hotels and restaurants with panoramic views, suites and yachts that leave nothing to be desired or the finest cuisine in town: Eat & Travel knows them all and knows how to present them in the most attractive way. Among other things, the impressive photographs make reading the informative reports an experience in itself and make you look forward to the event. These suitably filtered recommendations from the editors form the heart of the magazine.

Your goals in view with Eat & Travel magazine

So that you always have a stylish idea of where to enjoy your next break, the luxury magazine has numerous options for you. Some love a quiet residence in the mountains, while others like to stop off at one of the top-class hotels in their favourite city after going out. Some like to be close to home, while others yearn for the other side of the globe. In Eat & Travel magazine every lover of high-class travel will find the perfect inspiration for future destinations.

Beauty, lifestyle and other moments of pleasure

What this impressive travel and luxury magazine also goes to town on are the coveted lifestyle and beauty offers. In addition to exciting impressions, you will get descriptive articles on impressive products from the fields of beauty and wellness, home design and other useful must-haves that will make your everyday life easier. This will also make your private life a little more about relaxation and enjoyment.

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