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More than 1000 publications, 200 publishers, 6 languages

Finally: read whatever you like! Newspapers or magazines - browse our wide selection, buy your favorite e-paper or e-magazine, either as subscription or single issue - whatever you prefer.

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How does iKiosk work?


iKiosk is open at all hours and accompanies you anywhere! Once registered you can enjoy reading newspapers and magazines anytime and anywhere - at home on your PC or on the go on your smartphone or tablet!

You want to know how the e-paper reader works? Check out the trial issue to test the reader. You can also download your trial issue as a PDF - of course free of charge and without any obligation.

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How much is reading newspapers and magazines at iKiosk?


Buy either single issues or subscriptions of your favorite newspaper or magazine. By purchasing a subscription you can save up to 50%. Subscriptions that are bought in the iKiosk web-shop end automatically - no hidden costs.


You may use three different secure payment methods: PayPal or credit card. By means of SSL encryption the transfer of your data is absolutely safe.

How can you benefit from iKiosk?

  • Your e-paper looks just like the printed version of your favorite newspaper or magazine.
  • iKiosk is open 24 hours. Your e-paper is available anytime and anywhere. No matter if you are at home on your couch, at the office or on the go!
  • iKiosk offers newspapers and magazines for all interests: discover your favorites and browse through 800 publications of more than 150 publishers!
  • iKiosk is easy to navigate: clear instructions and handy features help you find your favorite e-paper.
  • Register once, read unlimitedly: regardless of whether you are using a tablet, a smartphone or a computer.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of paper and go easy on resources.

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